Sample scripts

Here you can take a look at some sample scripts I’ve written. Looking for another sample, or have a particular idea you’d like to see written? Just drop me an email: ejne7comics AT gmail DOT com).

Want to use one of these as a sample to practice your pencilling? You’re very welcome – again, please just drop a line to ejne7comics AT gmail DOT com to let me know!

Original comics

1. Steadfast in Peril – an 8-page original comic.

When searching for heroes, one seldom starts among the ranks of the mailmen.

19th-century widower Jago didn’t join those ranks with dreams of fame and glory. But when tragedy strikes during an ocean voyage, ship’s postmaster Jago seizes his shot at heroism with the verve of the greatest adventurer. With the waters rising and his life flashing before his eyes, Jago fights to prove that a struggle without hope is not always a struggle without meaning.

Based on a true story, Steadfast in Peril features a little-known tale of heroism in the face of an infamous tragedy.

Steadfast was included in 2012’s Journeymen #1.

  • Comic – low-res version; PDF format
  • Script– PDF format

2. Strength and Confidence – a 4-page original comic.
Six years of circling the drain on 16th Street, and server Joe has some advice for the cops: Wanna nix the crime rate? Shut down the party supplies store. Monsters with handguns, a crime-fighting mop bucket, and a little bit of disco all conspire to bring Joe through the strangest night of his life.

Strength and Confidence was published in Womanthology: Heroic in March 2012. You can see a preview here at CBR.

Fan comics

In all cases, copyrights belong to the original copyright holders: here DC Comics and Wildstorm Comics, with characters created by Dan Jurgens, and Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch. No infringement of copyright is intended – please go out and buy the source material!

1. Off Duty – a 28-page The Authority fan comic.

THEY FOUGHT – for a finer world, against the twisted genius who made them super-men.
THEY WON – the quiet life they’d dreamed of, for years on the run.

APOLLO and the MIDNIGHTER, loose-cannon superheroes, are RETIRED. Five years fighting for their lives taught them the worth of a WARM BED and a ROOF OVERHEAD. But the city’s a dark and dirty place, with a rotten system and a rotten heart, where the line between AUTHORITY and ANARCHY is thinner than a meter-maid’s smile.
What could a hero ignore for the sake of a QUIET LIFE? And how do the big city’s baddest bastards pass the time when they’re … OFF DUTY?

  • Comic – with art by whatistigerbalm
  • Script – PDF format

2. Great Grandmother Russia – a 22-page Booster Gold fan comic.

What happens when a lost timetraveller, four Tsarist secret policemen, a girl scientist, a wisecracking Victorian athlete, and a small flying robot converge in an apartment in fin-de-siecle St Petersburg? Dust-ups, quips, and some unconventional lasso action are all on the cards, but so is the dawn of a heroic (if kinda nerdy) legacy.


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