DC’s New 52

I’ve been reviewing DC’s “new 52” for OneMetal.com – not all of them, but rather more than I’d normally have read – and it’s been a blast. There’s a few (Swamp Thing, Batman, Frankenstein, All-Star Western) that I missed and will go back for, and many I’ll get for a few more issues (Men of War, JLI, JL, Blue Beetle, BoP). But I’ve narrowed down my favourites to this top five:

5. Stormwatch. This book hit all the buttons that made me love Warren Ellis’s first crack at this title (and, moreso, The Authority): because it was grandiose, and because it was bonkers. I think there’s maybe something peculiarly British in that combination; whatever it is, Paul Cornell seems to have it down, and I’m excited to watch things in escalate in issue 2.

4. Animal Man. I had almost no expectations for this title, and picked it up on the strength of that creepy/awesome cover alone. Then, it was the eeriest, most strung-taut, most delicious slow burner of the lot. Plus it establishes that Dave Eggers exists in the new DCU, which makes me feel a whole lot better about the place.

3. Batwoman. This one, conversely, I’d been excited about for a long time; it didn’t disappoint. Who’d’ve thought a hard-boiled vibe would be a natural companion for an Art Nouveau style? Not me, but this book left me wishing Alphonse Mucha and Dashiell Hammett had finagled a team-up. They’d’ve made something just like this.

2. Wonder Woman. I always thought I’d never got into Wondy because the character’s not relatable, like there’s nothing more appealing than reminders of your own fascinating existence. Azzarello and Chiang make a virtue out of Wondy’s superhuman remoteness, while still keeping her warm and kind, and making the whole damn thing look five kinds of kickass in the meantime.

1. The Flash. Was this the most thought-provoking book in the bunch, or the smartest, or the highest concept? Nope, but it was the one DC book I read this month that made me feel like a fan. It’s brimming over with fun, with inventiveness, with this incredibly sweet sincerity that makes me punch the air and go “Yeah! Comics!” And I’ve been sick this week, so maybe it’s comfort I’ve been looking for, but right now this is all I want.

He's better than okay.

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