Geek In The City, or at least in my living room

So at 7am on Wednesday I made my maiden podcast appearance: talking to Geek in the City‘s Aaron Duran about (you’ve guessed it!) Womanthology. You can hear the show here, and it is well worth a listen, especially if you want to hear people with a problem with the new Spider-Man getting their backsides handed to them. And who doesn’t?

It was great fun being on the show: Aaron did a sterling job of making me feel at ease (if not quite curbing the nervous giggling). Listening to the rest of the broadcast, I wished timezones hadn’t kept me from talking with the other guys too. I vote we just lasso the UK and tow it to somewhere off the Newfoundland coast.

Maiden podcast appearance, but I am in fact a veteran of radio–inasmuch as I showed up several times on the university radio station, CUR-1350, on programmes hosted by college friends, in my capacity as a person with a voice. The most memorable of these programmes was “The Embarrassment of Riches”, so called because both hosts were named Rich: on that show I held a months-long unchallenged record as winner of the competition they held each episode. The competition, ingenious in its simplicity, consisted of Rich and Rich reading out a clue from the cryptic crossword and “listeners” phoning in to solve it, for which the prize was a Twirl. I won that damn Twirl for weeks on end. (A different Twirl each week, in fact. They were fairly big-hearted guys.) This was due in no small part to the fact that my record was literally unchallenged, because nobody else listened to the show and therefore made themselves eligible to (or interested in trying to) win the contest.

Didn’t make the Twirl any less tasty, though.


2 responses to “Geek In The City, or at least in my living room

  1. Was great to have you on. You are welcome at anytime. In fact, as the publishing date draws closer, love to have you back. Maybe we can find a way to pull it off live! Thanks again.

    • Thanks Aaron – it was great to talk to you, and I would absolutely LOVE to come on the show again. I will work on learning either to timetravel, or to wake up a bit earlier 🙂

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