What’s up with Womanthology?

Hi folks. You may have seen me flailing incoherently and incomprehensibly lately. Or you may not have seen me at all. Either case has the same cause, which I’d like to explain: Womanthology.

Womanthology is a project I’ve been working on since early spring. It’s a 300-page comic book anthology, created entirely by women and coordinated by artist Renae De Liz. It features over 140 artists and writers, both professionals and beginners, and including me (with a four-page story; art by the excellent Thalia de la Torre). The book will be published by IDW, and it’ll be available to buy in comic shops. All profits go to charity via GlobalGiving.org.

As well as writing for the anthology, I’m running its admin operation. Up til now this has involved registering, advising, and pairing up our contributors, and fielding email enquiries about the project. Last Thursday we launched a Kickstarter fundraising campaign page, to secure the $25,000 we need to cover IDW’s printing costs and the expenses of shipping and fulfillment. It’s a big sum, but we all resolved to plug it as hard as we could to our friends and family, and hope for the best.

I haven’t done that til now because, in the 18 hours following launch, we smashed through our goal with the support of over 500 backers. As of right now, we’ve raised just under $50,000, from over 800 backers. (And then pretty much all of them apparently emailed us, which has occupied me ever since :D)

Story over, then, and all of you escaping without the aforementioned massive plug? You should be so lucky 🙂 Raising so much more than we planned has allowed us already to double our print run, meaning we’ll sell over 3,000 copies of the eventual book. If we can raise more still, we intend to publish another anthology showcasing work by people seeking their big break in comics — this one not restricted to female creators. Finally, if we can top $70,000, there are plans in the works to create an organization supporting artists and writers developing creator-owned work, infusing new life into comics and promoting independent creativity.

So, here it is, the self-seeking plug. If you’d like to get hold of some beautiful work by exciting new comics creators, if you’d like to score some cool rewards, and if you’d like to justify my profound neglect of my social life, outward appearance, and laundry, then I’d love for you to take a look at the Kickstarter page and see what we’ve been making.

And if you have any questions, go ahead, or ping them to womanthology@gmail.com – and I swear, I will get to them, should it make my fingers bleed!


One response to “What’s up with Womanthology?

  1. Hi Laura,
    My name is Sophie Gould, and I’m a reporter at the Portland Press Herald in Portland, Maine. I had coffee with Renae de Liz, who lives in the nearby town of Cape Elizabeth, a couple of days ago to chat about Womanthology. We’re writing an article about the project, and I was hoping I might be able to get a few quotes from you!

    Here are my questions:
    – How did you hear about Womanthology?
    – Why were you interested?
    – What will you contribute to the project? What are you up to now?
    – How would you describe yourself in three sentences?
    – Also, any other thoughts on Renae, on Womanthology, on comic books– anything!!

    Thank you SO much 🙂
    You can reach me at gould.sophie@gmail.com or at 1 978 578 6278.

    – Sophie Gould
    Staff Reporter, Portland Press Herald

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